EasyLearning by Sonja Mehl



Musik und Mitmachanleitungen auf einer CD


Music CD + Make your own CRAPBOOK

The full track listing comprises:

Little Red Tractor // Diggers, Dumpers & Trucks // The Building Site // Wheels On The Tractor // Bulldozer // Tractors Driving // Two By Two// The Fire Engine // Five Big Tractors // The Tall Crane // The Tractor Songs // Here Comes The Roller // My Old Tractor // Mass Excavator // Old Mac's Tractor // Big Red Lorry

Music an Activities in ONE CD

- Play it

- Print it

- Read it

- Colour it

- Draw it

- Cut + stick it

The full audio content of the CD can also be accessed via the default media player on your PC or laptop (Windows Media Player, Real Player etc.)

A compilation of tractor and truck songs, together with printable lyrics to most of the songs and 25 printable scrapbook activity pages.


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