Bathtime BABY


Pop-up Peekaboo Bathtime

Format: Board book
Size: 216 x 218mm
Pages: 12
Age: From 9 months

Toy Safety Information
Not suitable for children under 9 months of age

Read Peekaboo! Bathtime with your baby for a bundle of bright surprises

Your baby will love the bright photographs and fun surprises in Peekaboo! Bathtime. Find a shiny yellow duck under a face cloth, a bumpy starfish under some foam, and keep an eye out for a squishy green frog under a sponge! Peekaboo! Bathtime is a great way to get your baby interested in books and to spend special time together.

Also great for developing imagination, early-thinking and memory skills, and perfect for reading aloud and encouraging early word recognition, your baby will love the world of surprises that Peekaboo! Bathtime offers.

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