DIN A4 Buch + CD

Storytime: First Tales for Sharing

Herausgeber : Barefoot Books Ltd
Sprache: : Englisch
Taschenbuch : 96 Seiten + CD
Abmessungen : 23.5 x 0.9 x 28.2 cm

The Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen / FRANCE
The Gingerbread Man / England
The Ugly Duckling / Denmark
Goldilcoks and the Three Bears / England
The Timid Hare / India
The Three Little Pigs / England
Stone Soup / Switzerland

Enter the enchanting world of first rhymes, everyday scenes and simple details that make a baby's first months so special. With its exquisite hand-sewn illustrations, "Baby's First Book" offers babies and their carers all kinds of things to look at and to talk about. This is a beautiful gift book designed especially for the 0-2 age group that showcases Clare Beaton's handsewn artwork, presenting whimsical page-by-page scenes such as 'Winter Clothes', 'Creepy Crawlies', 'Fantastic Fruit', and 'Things that Float'. Hand-stitched collage illustrations on antique calico backgrounds give this book enormous gift appeal for any family with a new baby.

It is from the best-selling illustrator of "Mother Goose Remembers"

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