A Sleepy Tales Audiobook


Ladybird Sleepy Tales

Ten calming stories to help little children relax at bedtime

Read by Candida Gubbins

Imprint: Ladybird
Length: 150 Minutes
Dimensions: 142mm x 10mm x 124mm
Weight: 106g

This calming audio collection encourages little minds to switch off in the hour before bed.

Developed with The Children's Sleep Charity, Ladybird Sleepy Tales are parent-tested and specially designed to help 3 to 6-year-olds wind down.

They're perfect to share before or after your bedtime story, as part of your nightly routine.

Follow a snowflake as it gently travels to the ground, float around in a bouncy bubble or take a magical journey to the end of a rainbow

Read slowly and softly, each gentle tale is rich with soothing sound effects.

So dim the lights, snuggle up and get ready for a good night's rest.

Includes ten relaxing tales: 'Blowing Bubbles', 'Colour Fairies', 'Sky Magic', 'Inside the Cosy Cocoon', 'Special Rabbit', 'Sleepy Sandcastles', 'The Drifting Snowflake', 'Sunflower Snuggles', 'A Bedtime Picture' and 'The Sleepy King'.

The Children's Sleep Charity offered information and advice around the development of this product.

Search for 'Puffin Sleepy Tales' and 'Penguin Sleep Tales' to see more stories for all age groups

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