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Der Bilderbuchklassiker für Kinder

Elmar ist kein Elefant wie jeder andere. Er ist bunt kariert und kein bisschen elefantenfarben. Er ist fröhlich und hat den Kopf voller Streiche. Doch insgeheim wünscht Elmar sich, genauso auszusehen wie jeder andere Elefant. Und eines Tages fasst er einen Plan. Er wälzt sich in grauen Beeren und reiht sich heimlich unter die anderen Elefanten. Doch als es regnet, wäscht sich Elmars Elefantengrau wieder weg. Zum Glück! Denn Elmar ist genau richtig so wie er ist.

10 x Taschenbuch
Verlag: Andersen Press
Sprache: Englisch
Verpackungsabmessungen: je 27,8 x 24,4 x 3,5 cm / je 32 Seiten

Elmer is different. Elmer is patchwork. The grey elephants all love him, but he soon starts to wonder what it would be like to be just the same as them...

Elmer's Special Day
Once a year on Elmer's Day, all the elephants decorate themselves and have a parade, and this year Elmer comes up with a plan to include the other animals as well as the elephants. Children's BOMC Alt.


...the lost Teddy
Baby Elephant can't sleep because he has lost his teddy, so Elmer sets off to look for it. Eventually Elmer hears a voice shouting 'Help! I'm lost!' Is Baby Elephant's teddy a talking teddy, or is Wilbur playing a trick on Elmer, as usual?

Elmer loves practical jokes, but so does his cousin Wilbur. Until, that is, Elmer has an idea which brings Wilbur back down to earth, in more ways than one..

...on Stilts
The hunters are coming and all the elephants are worried. Elmer, the patchwork elephant, comes up with a plan to outwit the hunters but things don't turn out quite as planned...

...and the Stranger
Is there a difference between a bounce and a jump? Kangaroo thinks there is, and he is very concerned he is going to look silly in the upcoming jumping competition, until Elmer helps him discover that the one will do just as well as the other.

...and the Rainbow
Elmer and the other elephants are waiting for the storm to end so they can see the beautiful, colourful rainbow. But something dreadful has happened: the rainbow has lost its colours! Elmer decides to give his own colours to the rainbow. But what will happen to Elmer if he gives the rainbow his own colours? Will he lose them for ever?

...and the WIND
Aided and abetted by his ventriloquist cousin, Wilbur, Elmer pretends to be blown away on the windiest day. They make fools of the other elephants, but when the laughter dies down, Elmer reassures them that a heavy elephant is safe in the worst of gales. When he tries to prove it, much to his surprise, he really does get blown away! the SNOW
At the first hint of a chill in the air, Elmer's friends start complaining about the cold, so Elmer decides to show them what cold weather is really like. They set off for a walk up a mountain, and the higher they get, the colder it gets. A good snowball fight at the top warms them all up, but the elephants agree that compared with the freezing mountain top, their home is not really that cold at all. With his typical sense of mischief and fun, Elmer shows how hot and cold are only relative.

...and SUPER EL
One morning, Elmer hears an "Oh no!" Looking round, he spots Super El who's in need of Elmer's help. He must get to Aunt Zelda without any of the other animals seeing him and, as usual, it's up to Elmer to come up with a cunning plan!

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