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Children's Songs and Fingerplays

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73 classic children’s songs and fingerplays

The first in the series of Wee Sing book and audio collections features traditional songs and fingerplays just perfect for wee ones. Relive the fun of your own childhood by sharing the songs you grew up singing, and delight as you and your children experience the joy of singing together.

Eentsy, Weentsy Spider // Mother’s Knives and Forks // Here Is the Beehive // Clap Your Hands // Grandma’s Glasses // Hickory, Dickory, Dock // Three Little Monkeys // Two Little Blackbirds // Knock, Knock // Little Green Frog // Jack and Jill // Bumblebee // Where is Thumbkin ? // Round the Garden // Here Is the Church // Five Little Fishies // This Old Man // Little Peter Rabbit // The Finger Band // Down by the Station // The Train // Bingo // John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt // Little Cabin in the Wood //Old Mac Donald Had a Farm // Good Morning // What Are You Wearing ? // One, Two , Buckle My Shoe // Rickety, Tickety // My Name and Address // The Alphabet Song // Right Hand, Left Hand // Ten Little Fingers // Days of The Week // Rain, Rain, Go Away // There is Thunder // It’s Raining // Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star // Round the Clock // Looby Loo // Now Tall, Now Small // Animal Poem // Walking, Walking // Jimmy Crack Corn // Baby Bird // Ring Around the Rosy // Pop! Goes the Weasel // One Finger, One Thumb // The Mulberry Bush // If You’re Happy,,,,// Peter Hammers // Reach for the Sky // Three Blue Pigeons // One elephant Went Out to Play // Head and Shoulders // Jack and Jill (Scale Song) // This is the way…// Trost to Boston // Teddy bear // Good Night // Sleep, Baby, Sleep // All Night, All Day // All the Pretty Little Horses // Hush, Little Baby // Jack-O’-Lantern // Chickamy, Chickamy, Craney Crow // Ten Little Witches // Gobble, Gobble // Over the River // Christmas is Coming // The Chimney // We Wish You A Merry Christmas // Skidamarink

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