Brother In The Land

Teenage Fiction

Brother in the Land

Brother in the Land is a novella about the lives of two English brothers after World War III and the effects it has on their lives, the community and the bleak future.

Taschenbuch: 224 Seiten
Verlag: Penguin (2018)
Sprache: Englisch

An 'After-the-Bomb' story told by teenage Danny, one of the survivors - one of the unlucky ones. Set in Shipley, an ordinary town in the north of England, this is a powerful portrayal of a world that has broken down. Danny not only has to cope in a world of lawlessness and gang warfare, but he has to protect and look after his little brother, Ben, and a girl called Kim. Is there any hope left for a new world?


Was sagen die Leser ?

" Danny is a teenage boy who's World comes to an end when the missiles fall. Confusion and frustration cloud the youngster's mind as he finds himself in an unimaginable and hellish situation. But that is nothing compared to the doom of the impending fallout and harsh winter along with starvation staring at him in the face. What is an English kid gonna do when his life is changed forever?

A found this book so dark, dreary and heartbreaking. But it was entertaining and I wanted to read the entire book in one sitting. Unlike some books that I read, I felt for the characters and sympathized with their situation (even though they were English). Human suffering and it's condition knows no borders. I really enjoyed the book, my only complaint is that I wished it was longer and more in depth. But then I realize that it would even be more depressing. If you are a fan of the nuclear war or post apocalyptic genre then I highly suggest that you find a copy. I wish this book was more widely available. Too bad a lot of these books are out of print."

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