Help Your Kids with SCIENCE


Help Your Kids with Science
Carol Vorderman - Author

Format: Paperback: flexiback
Size: 195 x 235mm
Pages : 256
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley

A simple, visual approach to helping your child understand science from Carol Vorderman

Reduce the stress of studying science and help your child with their homework by following Help Your Kids with Science, a unique visual guide that demystifies the subject for everyone.Using clear, accessible pictures, diagrams and easy-to-follow step-by-steps - and covering all the important areas of biology, chemistry and physics - you'll learn to approach even the most complex science problems with confidence. Includes a glossary of key science terms and symbols.

Help Your Kids with Science is the perfect guide for every frustrated parent and desperate child, who want to understand science and put it into practice.

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'As soon as I saw that this book was published by DK I knew that it was a must have. DK are renowned for publishing highly informative, clearly laid out and easy to read books. Put that together with Carol Vorderman as the author and I was even more eager to get the book. The book covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The book starts with asking ''What is Science?'' and explains the scientific methods that any scientist will go through whilst completing their research projects. The book is filled with brightly coloured, clearly laid out pages which explains many of the basic principles which underlies much of the science taught in schools today. There is a mixture of brightly coloured pictures and easy to read definitions and explanations on each page. Most of the topics are summarized in a double page spread meaning the important information is included in the book and can be a starting point for further research into a topic. I would recommend this book as a must have for anyone who has children going into a secondary school this September and should be read by both parents and children.'


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