Titles to help sharpen reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills, perfect for providing extra English help and exam pactice
Fill-in-home study workbooks help practise and reinforce essential Maths skills. Supports curriculum teaching in the UK and Irland
Fill-in-home study workbooks with practical experiments and activities on every page, covering Science specified in the National Curriculum

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  • A: Do You Know About Science?

    NEU in 2018 // Over 200 intriguing science questions - answered. This is the ideal science encyclopedia to help budding Einsteins ages 6 and up with their school and homework projects - as well as for parents who need to answer those tricky science questions.

    14,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: Explanatorium of Nature

    A perfect way to find out how everything in nature works and why fungi, plants, birds, invertebrates, fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and ecosystems exist and what they mean for our world. Discover how spiders spin webs, how flying works, how snakes kill, and much, much more...

    18,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • All about BIOLOGY

    What makes Earth an ideal place for life to survive? Professor Robert Winston will take kids back to Earth's beginnings showing how organisms live and survive in All About Biology

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • All about Chemistry

    An amazing look at the what, why and how of science. From the geeky Greeks to explosive elements kids can enter a world of discovery as they find out the extraordinary way our world works. It's chemistry, but not as you know it.

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • All about Money

    Money might make the world go around, but only if you know how to use it, and who better to teach your child all about finance than TV presenter and financial expert Alvin Hall. They'll enter the world of business and economics, learning about how money works, from its history to how it grows.

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • All about POLITICS

    A straight-talking guide to how politics really work. All the political structures and ideas are covered, from ancient Greek philosophy to modern governments. Find out how different systems and beliefs have developed, the ways in which laws are made, what happens behind the scenes in parliament, and how you can get involved. Plus, it clearly explains those tricky words and definitions with bright graphics and clever illustrations that kids will love.

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Best Maths Book Ever

    Roll, spin, pop lift and learn with the best maths book ever

    14,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Englisch BILD für BILD

    Visueller Wortschatz: Mit vielen Bildern und über 2500 Wörtern, Wendungen und Beispielsätzen ...// Für die ganze Familie gilt: Wichtige Wörter SEHEN und MERKEN // Für Anfänger und Wiedereinsteiger

    12,99 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Englisch Sprachkurs "Bild für Bild"

    Sprachkurs Englisch Bild für Bild - Der visuelle Sprachkurs mit 1 Buch und 1 MP3-CD // Niveau A1 - A2

    20,00 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • ENGLISH Made Easy

    The best-selling home-study series from Carol Vorderman // Alle Titel der Serie lieferbar - Interesse ?

    4,45 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Eyewitnes: Stars and Planets

    From Mercury to Neptune and beyond, get an eyewitness view of the rocky planets, gas giants, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets and other bodies that make up our Solar System. Discover the secrets of space, examine the latest space exploration equipment, and learn about the scientists behind discoveries ancient and new.

    7,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

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