Carol Vorderman's Maths Dictionary
Carol Vorderman - Author

7 - 11 + years

Format: Paperback
Size: 148 x 210mm
Pages : 128

Does your child find maths tricky?

Are they stuck on their square roots or puzzled by prime numbers?

Help is at instant hand with Carol Vorderman's essential maths explainer.

It's packed with hundreds of mathematical entries covering words, phrases, shapes, measurements, concepts, calculations and much more, making everything easy to understand.

Perfect for children of all ages up to the start of secondary school (and for mums and dads who need a hand in helping out with maths homework!)

Elternmeinung / / Customer Reviews

"This book is written in a style which is easy to understand. It will certainly be of use to those children doing the relevant Key stages, there are clear explanations and problem solving is encouraged."


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