My Completely Best Story Collection


My Completely Best Story Collection
Lauren Child

Format : Audio CD
Publisher : Puffin Audio
Duration : 75 minutes
2 - 8 + years

Charlie and Lola, first seen in I Will Not Ever NEVER Eat A Tomato, are stars of the screen, page, and now audio. First aired on prime time Children's BBC in October 2005 and now available on DVD, Charlie and Lola are enjoying superstardom!

The fabulous audio collection contains five classic Charlie and Lola stories, enhanced with music, sound effects, and classic Charlie and Lola dialogue. The five fantastic audio adventures include the classic stories: We HONESTLY Can Look After Your Dog; My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever, NEVER Fall Out; I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won; Whoops! But It Wasn't Me; and Snow Is My Favourite And My Best.
With an all-star cast featuring Charlie, Lola, Lotta, Marv, Soren Lorensen, as well as Swizzles the dog.

Elternmeinung // Customer Revies

"My daughters and I absolutely love this CD - we have listened to this so many times we have lost count but we never fail to laugh out loud at the wonderful stories of Charlie and Lola, Lotta and Marv, Sizzles and Soren Lorenson. Recently my youngest daughter lost her first tooth and the initial fright was soon forgotten as we all remembered Lotta's wise words regarding the Tooth Fairy and Lola's amazement that no one had ever told her about this before. If you don't buy this and listen to it with your children you are missing a wonderful treat. Honestly, promisely - you will love this CD. Honestly."
"My little boy LOVES Charlie and Lola and so this audio CD is great. It's great to listen to in the car (so much better than nursery rhymes!) and has made bed time better too - he wants to stay quiet in bed so he can hear the stories. What a result!"
"I bought the CD after reading the parents` review and found out is honestly the truth. This collection makes my 2 1/2 year old daughter repeat words and sentences, even imitating Lola with that cheerful laugh. We have a wonderful time in the car and we do not need the car DVD player when we go out. It is a really amazing and cheap way to entertain the little ones. My daughter even learned the numbers of her favourite story as she sees it on the CD player display and askes for "2" or "5" and if I get it right she sais "I like it", which she learned listening to Lola. I would recommend it to anyone for calming tantrums as well. I`ve learned Charlie and Lola`s expressions by listening to the Cd for so many times and use these words when my little one gets upset. Workes like a charm every time."


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