Peppa Pig Queen Edition


Peppa Pig - The Queen Royal Compilation

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Hello, my name is Peppa Pig. In honour of the Queen's Jubilee, I have selected nine of my very favourite celebratory episodes to feature on this compilation DVD. Also included is a brand new, never-before-seen episode, The Queen to commemorate this very special royal occasion. Join me and my little brother George as we relive some of our extra special moments with you.

Episode Listing:

The Queen
Princess Peppa and Sir George The Brave
My Birthday Party
Talent Day
Pirate Party
Treasure Hunt
Fancy Dress Party
Mummy Pig's Birthday
School Play
Sleepy Princess
Queen Holly (Bonus Episode)
The Frog Prince (Bonus Episode)


Kundenmeinungen zu dieser Serie

"My 3 year old has spent half her young life growing up with Peppa Pig, and Stars is yet another excellent DVD my whole family enjoy watching together."


"Loved this DVD, great selection of episodes... particularly the 'school camp' and the bing bong song!!! excellent!! my son loves this and doesnt tire of watching it over and over again!!"

"Peppa pig and all her family and friends never fail to deliver. Another excellent group of stories each one entertaining and educational. my granchildren and I just never tire of watching them over and over again."


"My two-year old twin boys love the Peppa pig series and watch it enthusiastically (which is great when I have chores to carry out). In fact, when I ask them which DVD they want to watch, it's a toss up between Peppa pig and Pingu. They love all the Peppa stories, so I can't really say that this DVD is better or worse than any of the others. It provides hours of entertainment, for them as well as for me on the rare occasions I get to watch it with them. A very good buy which won't disappoint!"


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