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Wee Sing in The Car
42 sing-along songs + 27 backseat games + 18 silly tongue twisters

Going on a road trip ? Or just around the corner ? Don’t leave home without this lively collection of sing-along songs, tricky tongue twisters, and travel games designed especially for the car.

Ridin’ Along: Let’s Go For a Ride // Oh Me! Oh My! // Dear Old Pals // Riding Along // How Much Wood // Cruising Along // The Bugs Are A-Comin // A Flea and a Fly // There’s a Hole in the Middle of the Road // John Brown’s Chevy // Five Big Dump Trucks // The Wheels on the Bus // Listen to My Motorcycle // She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Montain
Where Are We Going?: Goin’ Campin // Whether the Weather // Pack Up Your Hot Dogs // The Upward Trail // Three Tree Toads // I Love the Mountains // Fuzzy Wuzzy // Home on the Range // The United States // Take me Out to the Ball Game // Down by the Bay // Swan Swan // The Big Rock Candy Montains // A Big Black Bug // Shool // A Tutor Who Tooted a Flute
Whom Shall We Visit?: Oh, Susanna // Arabella Miller // John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt // Betty Botter // My Aunt Came Back // Yon Yonson // Polly Wolly Doodle // Six Slippery Snakes // Ali Baba’s Farm // Sheep Shouldn’t Sleep in a Shack // Sing-a-Ling
Just for Fun: Let Ev’ryone Clap Hands // She Sells Sea Shells // Do Your Ears hang Low ? // All You Et-A // Ham and Eggs // Eight Apes // Apple Juice // The Alphabet Songs // Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers // ABC Nursery Rhyme Game // Peter Piper // Crow Sng // The Skunk // The Chicken Song
Almost Home: Sing Your Way Home // There’s No Need // Five Miles fromhome // The More Wee Sing Together
Games to Play – only in book: Counting Cars // Road Watch // Padiddle // Map Game // License Plates // Find the Letters // Find the Numbers // I Spy // Hot or Cold // Twenty Questions // Someone You Know // Memory // Story Game // Animal Sounds // Alphabet Categories // Animal Letters // Name the Baby // Traveling Through the Alphabet // Add and Substract // Rock, Paper, Scissors // Stick Man // Word Game // Boxes // Tic Tac Toe // Rhyming Game // Name That Tune // Wee Trivia

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