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Wee Sing Animals, Animals, Animals
47 fun animal songs + 23 poems and fingerplays

Animal have never been so much fun! Children and parents alike will love this musical selection of lively action songs, fun sing-alongs, silly poems, and fingerplays. From charming old favourites to brand-new kid-pleasing songs, meet a menagerie of animals in all of the places they live.

Animals, Animals // Old MayDonald Had A Farm // Animal Song // Six Little Ducks // Little peter Rabbit // Gobble, Gobble // Five Little Chickens // Baa, Baa, Black Sheep // Sweetly Sings the Donkey // Tingalayo // The Old Gray Mare // Did You Feed My Cow? // Bill Grogan’s Goat // Three Little Piggies // Bingo // I Love Little Kitty // Bought Me a Cat // Five Little Ducks // I Caught a Fish // Five Little Fishies // The Swan // The Turtle // The Snake // Cackle, Cackle // Little Green Frog // The Mosquito // Mister Rabbit // Ladybug // Baby Bumblebee // Here Is the Beehive // Nobody Likes Me // Grasshopper // The Caterpillar // Eentsy, Weentsy Spider // The Snail // The Boll Weevil // The Ants Go Marching // Up, Up in the Sky // Two Little Blackbirds // Little Bird // Little Jenny Wren // Kookaburra // The Owl // Three Blue Pigeons // The Old Man // The Cuckoo // Squirrel, Squirrel // The Little Skunk’s Hole // Rabbit Ain’t Got No Tail // Raccoon Has a Bushy Tail // Little Bunny Foo Foo // The Bear Went Over the Montain // Fuzzy Wuzzy // Grizzly Bear // Goin’ to the Zoo // At the Zoo // The Lion // The Hippopotamus and the Rhinoceros // The Ostrich // One Elephant Went Out to Play // The Elephant // Three Little Monkeys // Five Little Monkeys // The Monkey and the Zebra // The Tiger // The Giraffe // The Duck and the Kangaroo // Animals // Animal Action // The Animal Parad

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