Baba's Gift

Illustrated book

Baba's Gift
Beverley Naidoo
Illustrator - Karin Littlewood

Critic Review:
'A gorgeously illustrated book filled with colour and vibrancy.' Angels and Urchins
'An engaging family story... The characters are sympathetically portrayed.' Books for Keeps

Format : Paperback
Size : 267 x 248mm
Pages : 32
Publisher : Puffin

5 - 8 years

Baba makes a special boat for Themba and Lindi.

They love sailing it in the sea, and playing on the beach with new friends.

But when it's time to go, the little boat has disappeared!

What will Baba say if they go home without it?

Lindi and her brother go to the sea with their grandmother, taking a little wooden boat to play with that their grandfather has made. They quickly make a new friend and play together with the boat in the sea and then have a picnic. No one notices the sea creeping in until it has taken their boat away. The children are upset but find a special shell to take home for their father to make up for the loss of the boat he had given them. He says he can always make another boat but that he could never make anything as beautiful as the shell.


Elternmeinung // Customer Review:

"its really a good book."

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