Caillou Storytime Box


After a busy day, everyone needs to unwind

Format Paperback | 144 pages
Dimensions 208.28 x 208.28 x 25.4mm | 521.63g
Publisher Caillou
Publication City/Country Canada
Language English
Illustrations note Paperback books in a carrying case

From joy to wonder, from mishap to delight, Caillou learns about the world around him.

This boxed set with plastic handle for easy carrying includes six bestsellers from the series:

Caillou Dresses Up!
Disguised as an astronaut, Caillou goes trick or treating.

Caillou Goes Birdwatching
Grandma brings Caillou to the park to discover the local birdlife.

Caillou: Hiding Place
Caillou discovers a family treasure in a special hiding place.

Caillou Rides a Bike
Caillou learns the hard way about bicycle safety.

Caillou Rides on a Plane
Caillou takes the plane for the first time.

Caillou Walks a Dog
Caillou would love to have his own dog, but he already has a cat.

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