Charlie and Lola: We Can Look After Your Dog


Charlie and Lola: We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog

"An irresistibly comic duo" - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH
"Wildly imagenative" - GUARDIAN

Format :
Size : 214 x 235mm
Pages : 32
Publisher : Puffin


Lola loves dogs. So when Charlie takes Lola and her friend Lotta to the park with his friend Marv and Marv’s dog Sizzles, Lola is thrilled. Marv lets her and Lotta look after Sizzles on the promise that they don’t let him off the lead. But Lola and Lotta are so over-excited that, of course, they let Sizzles go and then have a panicky search for him all round the park. Imagine their relief when Sizzles appears – until he's followed by an identical dog. They know that Sizzles is extremely very clever and so can tell which dog is the right Sizzles - he's the one that he sits down when they tell him. Yet another crisis averted for Lola!


Elternmeinung // Customer Review

"My little girl is 2 and a half and adores Charlie and Lola on TV. We bought her this book for Christmas and it is read most nights. I adore reading it, it is so hilarious and so typical of how small children use the english language. When Lola and her friend Lotta look after Marv's dog Sizzles, he gets loose and is missing briefly. When they shout for him, 2 dogs appear both the same breed. Lola says " Now there are 2 Sizzleses" It is a gorgeous book written from the way a small child sees the world. A delight to read as a parent. My daughter has memerised most of it and reads it to me too!"


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