The Worst Witch All at Sea

The Worst Witch All at Sea
Jill Murphy

Format : Paperback
Size : 129 x 198mm
Pages : 224
Publisher : Puffin

'I think your work will improve no end if you accept my offer of Fenella's cat. And Tabby will have the time of his life down in the kitchen.'

Poor Mildred is distraught. On the first day back at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches her beloved but useless cat, Tabby, is banished to the kitchen. Then the class go for a week by the seaside and Mildred can bear the separation no longer. Stowing Tabby away, she takes him with her. But trying to keep him out of sight of Miss Hardbroom and prying Ethel Hallow leads Mildred from one disaster to another, and soon she really is all at sea.

In this long-awaited fourth book about the endearing Worst Witch there's enough excitement to more than satisfy all her many fans.


Elternmeinungen // Customer Review

"I think worst witch at all sea is a really good book."


"I think Jill Murphy's book's are great. I think this because they grab your heart and they don't let go."


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