Dr. McGowan
Dr. McGowan

Englische Kinderbücher mit CDs und DVDs helfen, sich in die englische PHONETIC hineinzuhören.

"Aus der eigenen Erfahrung heraus kann ich allen Eltern raten, sich für die ORIGINALE direkt aus England zu entscheiden."

Englisch für Kinder zum SEHEN + HÖREN + MITMACHEN = LERNEN mit allen SINNEN !


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  • A Bedtime Storie Book

    DIN A4 Buch + CD // Nine classic stories retold with beautiful illustrations and a sprinkle of story magic // Little Red Hen, Nail Soup, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The Lion and the Mouse, The Tortoise and the Hare, Wolf and Rabbit, There Was an Old Woman, Who Swallowed a Fly, The Three Little Pigs and One Fat Cat

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Charlie and Lola GESCHENK-Set

    Buch + CD + Sticker // Gleich 5 Stories in einem Set // Viele weitere Titel lieferbar - auch auf DVD - Interesse an einer Übersicht ?

    23,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Cowboy Baby Set

    Buch + DVD // A bright, happy bedtime story featuring father and son // Smarties Prize Gold Award

    12,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Highway Rat-Set

    Buch + CD // The bestselling story is now available with a high-quality audio CD

    12,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit

    Buch + CD // Book accompanied by a story CD // It was high summer and a travelling fun-fair had come to the village...Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny were forbidden to attend. But even the best-behaved rabbit can't keep away from a fun-fair, and Peter is far from being the best-behaved rabbit. With Benjamin at his side, Peter sneaks into the fair where a roller-coaster ride of an adventure begins...

    12,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: Further Tale of PETER RABBIT

    Book + CD // Emma Thompson was inspired to set the tale in Scotland by her knowledge of Beatrix's childhood holidays there. Accompanied by a story CD, narrated by Emma herself

    12,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: On the Farm Set

    Buch + CD // With stunning photography and beautiful illustrations your little one will love this exciting and engaging introduction to life on the farm...

    14,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    DIN A4 Buch + CD // A much-loved classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar has won over millions of readers with its vivid and colourful collage illustrations and its deceptively simple, hopeful story. With its die-cut pages and finger-sized holes to explore, this is a richly satisfying book for children.

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Action Rhymes Set

    Book + CD // Twelve classic nursery rhymes and traditional lullabies ...

    12,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Aladdin

    Read Along wit Me - Book + CD // Serie mit vielen weiteren Titeln - Online-Katalog erwünscht?

    8,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Audiobook: Stories for 4-year-olds

    This audio collection of six entertaining animal stories is ideal for sharing on a journey or at bedtime.

    8,95 EUR (incl. 19% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Bears

    Level 1 // ELEMENTARY // Book + CD // A fascinating look into the world of bears for for elementary level students (CEF level A2). Full of facts about what bears like to eat and how cubs spend their first day, with several pages of reading-related puzzles.

    12,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Bedtime SONG Box Set

    Baby box / Soft and cuddly plush toy--a nighttime bear + CD + Book // Ein tolles Verschenk-Set

    16,95 EUR (incl. 19% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Buch + CD: Nursery Rhymes

    DIN A4 Buch + CD mit 50 Titeln // Get singing - have great fun singing along with your child and the CD, as you follow the words on the page together. Listen to the 60-minute CD that contains all fifty rhymes from the book. Beautifully illustrated with a sprinkle of magic so you can enjoy all your favourite rhymes.

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

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