Early Learning: Big and Little

Early Learning

Early Learning: Big and Little

Format : Hardback
Size : 112 x 170mm
Pages : 32
Publisher : Ladybird
3 - 5 years

Learning the concepts of comparing and sorting is vital in helping young children develop vocabulary and understand the world around them.

This bright book is designed to help parents amuse, interest and at the same time teach their children vital early learning skils.

Useful parent tips are included throughout to support the learning process.


Kundenmeinungen // Customer Reviews

'Big and Little is a sweet book.It is the perfect size for a two year old to carry around and the bright colourful atmosphere inside is a treasure trove for learning.My son identified everyone as a friend and even found his favourite teddy bear resting in amongst the short stories.There are small messages for Mums and Dads with great ideas on how to involve and encourage little readers.The text is simple and the pages are very modern with bright ink illustrations.Our son thinks it is a very special book because it arrived in the mail and keeps it under his pillow.It is a wonderful tool for understanding opposites or just having fun at bedtime!'

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