Early Learning ABC

Flash Cards

Early Learning ABC

Format : Flash Cards
Size : 98 x 154mm
Pages : 53
Publisher : Ladybird
3-5 + years

This bumper flashcard pack is perfect for familiarising young children with the alphabet.

The first 26 double-sided cards help to teach both the big and little letter shapes, while the next 26 cards introduce the phonic letter sounds - a as in apple and b as in bird.

Also included in the pack are comprehensive hints and tips for parents and ideas for fun games to play, as well as 30 motivational stickers.


Kundenmeinungen // Customer Reviews

'Good size flash cards. 2 sets of 26 cards. Each set is a different colour. One set has little letters on one side and capitals on the other side. The 2nd set of cards has a picture on one side and the word and first letter on the other. This would be ideal to work alongside a child just going into Reception to help learn about phonics'


"I purchased these flashcards for my son who is 3 years of age. My son is bilingual, he speaks spanish aswell as english but of course as we live in spain the only real english he learns is from myself. English lessons at school are very few and so i take the oppertunity to teach him at home and using these flashcatds made learning not only fun but a lot easier...there are so many ways to use them and using the stickers as prizes made him all the more eager to learn...i have also purchased the ABC flashcards and will definately consider purchasing the complete set."


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Stichwort: First Skills

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