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  • 10 Caillou Storybook Treasury

    Gleich 10 Bücher in einer schönen Box // The twenty-fifth anniversary storybook is embellished for this special occasion with foil edges and a glittering cover. Preschoolers and their parents will love reading this treasury together. The Caillou Storybook Treasury includes ten bestselling adventures // "Renowned the world over, Caillou is a delightful character all children will fall in love with. This large book includes ten of Caillou’s best stories, covering a wide range of topics. The hardcover is sturdy, and the gold-foiled page edges give a celebratory quality to the book. Children will love to read the entire book over and over. It’s good the book is sturdy, because you’ll need it with so many repeat readings!" — The Children's Book Review

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • 4 Peter Rabbit's Tales

    Four of Beatrix Potter's most popular tales are here retold for younger children // Die ganze Serie ist lieferbar - Interesse an einem Online-Katalog ?

    12,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • 5 Favorite Critter Tales BOX

    In this easy-to-carry boxed set that comes with Velcro closure and a plastic handle, you will find: Little Critter: The Lost Dinosaur Bone Little Critter: Just Big Enough Little Critter: Just One More Pet Little Critter: Just My Lost Treasure Little Critter: Just Fishing With Grandma // Mercer Mayer’s classic and beloved character, Little Critter®, stars in five favorite stories that are ideal for beginning readers and perfect to read at bedtime!

    18,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A Grow and Go with Daniel SET

    A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood // Daniel Tiger fans will love this sweet carry-along 8x8 storybook boxed set with six adorable books // Whether he’s spreading kindness or taking a trip with his family, every day is a new adventure for Daniel Tiger! Now children can learn and grow on-the-go with six of Daniel’s biggest adventures in one carry-along boxed set—complete with a tigertastic handle // This boxed set includes Tiger Family Trip, Daniel Goes to the Carnival, Daniel Chooses to Be Kind, Daniel’s First Babysitter, Daniel Has an Allergy, and No Red Sweater for Daniel.

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A New House for Mouse

    A hungry mouse is determined to find the perfect house for her oversize apple in this funny, vibrantly illustrated story with die-cut surprises. One morning Mouse finds an enormous apple and decides that she really must take it inside. But her burrow is too small — so she sets out in search of a new, bigger house and an owner who's willing to share. Will she ever find a burrow to fit her and her apple, which she nibbles away as she goes? With bold shapes and colors and an ingenious die-cut design, Petr Horácek tells a humorous tale about burrows that get bigger, an apple that gets smaller, and a mouse who discovers there's no place like home.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A Paddington's Suitcase

    Köfferchen + 8 Bücher // Paddington, der Liebling der Kinder, ist ein Bär mit ernsthaften und guten Absichten, der aber auf Schritt und Tritt in Missgeschicke und Abenteuer verwickelt wird. Glücklicherweise schafft es sein großer Sinn für Logik und Entschlossenheit, ihn aus den meisten misslichen Situationen herauszuholen, wenn auch auf eher unkonventionelle Weise... // Ein toller Vor-Lesespass und auch ein tolles GESCHENK !

    23,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A Toddler Essentials : 5 Books About Growing

    This special anniversary edition includes 5 favorite titles from the Hand in Hand series. Conceived in collaboration with child psychologists, this series helps toddlers through the various stages of their development. The handy carrying case holds 5 books about growing.

    14,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)


    "A wonderful reflection from a child about what is important and why." - Juno // Discover the beauty of the world around us and why we must protect it, in this magical, sing-along picture book. Seven year old environmentalist, Frankie Morland wants to make a difference to the world. So, he decided to write a song... // In this colourful book, Frankie's thoughtful lyrics sit alongside beautiful illustrations which remind us of all there is to love about planet Earth and just how urgent it is that we take care of it // Ideal for little nature lovers, as well as fans of Frankie's song and its inspirational message.

    12,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • A: We're Going on a Bear Hunt

    The award-winning classic // Der preisgekrönte Klassiker wurde als Pop-up-Abenteuer zum Leben erweckt. Wir gehen auf Bärenjagd. Wir werden einen großen fangen. Kommst du auch Seit einem Vierteljahrhundert schwirren die Leser durch diesen preisgekrönten Favoriten. Folgen Sie der Aufregung der Familie, während sie durch das Gras waten, durch den Fluss planschen und auf der Suche nach einem Bären durch den Schlamm quetschen. Was für eine Überraschung erwartet sie in der Höhle auf der anderen Seite des dunklen Waldes!

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Around The World in 80 Ways

    A fascinating and engaging picture book exploring 80 exciting ways to travel, both past and present - from the obvious, to the crazy! Travel around the world by yacht, tram, train, unicycle, jetpack, camel... any way you can imagine, in this non-fiction children's book. Every mode of transport is part of a charming scene. See how astronauts travel around space, watch surfers ride the waves at the beach, and race to an emergency with the firefighters. Illustrator Katy Halford's beautiful drawings brings the scenes to life and fun complementary facts will prompt discussion and laughter between readers.

    12,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Best Friends

    Ein PEPPA PIG Buch in Lift-the-Flap Ausgabe // Die ganze Serie ist lieferbar - An einem Katalog interessiert ?

    8,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Bilderbuchklassiker ELMER

    DAS GANZ BESONDERE ANGEBOT // Gleich 10 der schönsten ELMER-Titel zum SONDERPREIS // Ein Elefant, der eine Hautfarbe hat, die wie eine Patchworkdecke aussieht, das ist Elmar. Alle Elefanten, alle Tiere des Urwaldes kennen Elmar, und wenn er auftaucht, dann ist es meist lustig // Elmer's Special Day // ELMER ...the lost Teddy // ...WILBUR // ...on Stilts // ...and the Stranger // ...and the Rainbow // ...and the WIND // ...in the SNOW // ...and SUPER EL

    50,00 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Bruno and Titch

    In this tale of a boy and his guinea pig, author-illustrator Sheena Dempsey offers a contemporary and comical take on new pets and new friends. As the only guinea pig left in Mrs Pinkerley's pet shop, Titch is getting lonely and anxious. All he wants is his very own Big Person. Then one day fate collides - a boy named Bruno comes into the shop looking for the perfect pet...Their eyes meet, and - HOORAY! - Titch has a home at last! There's just one problem: Bruno loves to play and invent wild games and make big messes (and eat sticky pancakes). As for Titch, well, he prefers the quiet life - a nice nap, a plate of salad leaves. Will they find a way to make their friendship work, or will Titch end up back where he started, in the pet shop? Pre-schoolers will love this adorable picture book - one to read time and time again.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Caillou Storytime Box

    From joy to wonder, from mishap to delight, Caillou learns about the world around him. This boxed set with plastic handle for easy carrying includes six bestsellers from the series // Ein wundervolles GESCHENK mit gleich 6 Büchern in einer Box

    14,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Calm Down Billy!

    Billy loves nothing more than having fun. Sometimes he gets a bit too enthusiastic. With the help of his friends he learns to play fairly, and discovers that this is even more fun for everyone.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Cat's Colours

    What's Cat's favourite colour?... Cat's got a favourite colour. Is it the colour of the grass or the sand, or could it be a colour much closer to home?

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Charlie and Lola: I Absolutely Love Animals

    Wir führen die gesamte Serie inkl. DVDs und Sets - Interesse an einem Online-Katalog ? // Two especially good stories about animals ...

    9,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Charlie and Lola: Look After Your Planet

    Lola is clearing out some of her old things because she does not want her bedroom to ever get as messy and pongy as Marv's older brother Marty's bedroom - yuk! Charlie persuades Lola that instead of throwing her things away, she should recycle them. 'Recycle it? What is that?' asks Lola. With a bit of help from Charlie, Lola learns all about recycling and how it is extremely very important to look after our planet. Soon she has found an extra-specially fun way to do more recycling - and gets lots of her classmates to join in too!

    8,45 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Daddy and Tom go SHOPPING + Tom's new POTTY

    Ein illustriertes Vorlesebuch mit zwei schönen Geschichten // Tom loves helping his Daddy to do things, especially when they go on the weekly shopping trip. Have fun at storytime with this lovely children's story.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Der neue Fußball / The new football

    Zum ersten Zeugnis bekommt Tommi von Papa einen neuen Fußball. Ist doch klar, dass er ihn gleich ausprobieren muss! Aber wer spielt mit ihm? Papa und seine Schwester Ute haben keine Zeit. Tommi macht sich mit seinem Hund Wolli auf die Suche … // Ob einsprachig oder zweisprachig - als Vorlesebuch oder für Selbstleser genutzt: Die Titel bereichern die Fantasiewelt der Kinder und sind auf die speziellen Anforderungen von Leseanfängern in der Grundschule ausgerichtet.

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish

    Dinosaurs have taken over the Earth! They're stomping and stamping all over the place ...

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Dinosaurs United

    Harry and the Dinosaurs // When Harry is chosen to be class football captain, he's worried that his team will be rubbish during the football competition. Luckily, Mr Oakley and the dinosaurs are there to help!

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Do Not Wash This Bear

    Toy Story meets Gremlins in this hilarious, rhythmic family caper where Daddy ignores a washing label and Bear comes alive! Bear has a very clear label sewn under his bottom. It says Do not wash this bear! But when Daddy puts him through a spin cycle anyway, a very naughty Bear comes out – one who causes mischief and mayhem all around the house! Father and son need Mummy to come home and save the day, but will she be back in time to show Bear who's boss before it's too late?

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Dogs Never Climb Trees

    Schnitzel Von Krumm-Serie // Alle Titel dieser Serie lieferbar - Interesse an einem Katalog ?

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Don't Wake Mr Bear

    It is autumn and as many forest animals are settling down to hibernate, others take up their instruments to play a special winter lullaby. Orchestrating it all is Dormouse, reminding the others that under no circumstances must they wake Mr Bear. At first all is quiet until a group of merry-making wolves crash into the forest making an epic song and dance. It’s all tremendous fun until a dark, bear-shaped shadow looms over the forest... A funny story about what happens when the seasons get mixed up – with a brilliant twist.

    6,99 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Family Fun Story Box

    Caillou loves spending time with his family, and so do young readers! Four amusing board books are packaged in a sturdy carry along box so that young readers can be with Caillou, wherever they go! // Ein wundervolles GESCHENK mit gleich 4 Büchern in einer Box

    14,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Fire Engine

    Nee-naw! Peppa and George get to ride in a big red fire engine. But will there be any fires to put out?Children will love this captivating story and familiar characters from the wonderful world of Peppa Pig. This simple children's story book is for encouraging children to take an early interest in reading.

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • First Ever + Best Story Collection

    VERSCHENK-BUCH // A collection of FIVE extremely good stories all about ABSOLUTELY very important things like making friends, being independent and even taking part in your very first school sports day! This collection contains: You Can Be My Friend, Help! I Really Mean It, I Am Really, Really Concentrating, I Can Do Anything That's Everything All On My Own and Charlie is Broken.

    14,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • First Sleepover

    Well-known twins Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world / Ganze Serie lieferbar - Interesse an einem Katalog ?

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

  • Friends FOREVER

    Benjamin thinks Lily is amazing - she knows EVERYTHING! Lily promises to teach Benjamin about nature and they set off on a nature walk together...

    6,95 EUR (inkl. gesetzl. MWSt. zzgl. eventuell Versandkosten)

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