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  • A Five-Minute Stories Book

    Beautifully illustrated stories will be enjoyed by boys and girls alike and include tales of pirates, farm animals, dinosaurs and fantastic, magical adventures ...

    9,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Footballer

    A delightful rhyming touch-and-feel book from Ladybird, with a different little footballer to talk about and a big touchy-feely item to explore on every double page. From a leathery ball and rough goalkeeper gloves to a silky shirt and shiny trophy, each football-themed tactile area helps to stimulate sensory awareness in older babies and toddlers and teach them the difference between smooth, rough, bumpy, shiny and so on.

    6,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Mother Knows Best

    Questions, questions, all day long! The laugh-out-loud story about family life ...

    7,45 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Toddler Essentials : 5 Books About Growing

    This special anniversary edition includes 5 favorite titles from the Hand in Hand series. Conceived in collaboration with child psychologists, this series helps toddlers through the various stages of their development. The handy carrying case holds 5 books about growing.

    14,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A Very Fishy Battle

    Patagonia Clatterbottom is very cross. Other pirates have ambushed the Pirate School's food. So, she's going to teach the children – Smudge, Flo, Ziggy and Corkella – how to make a proper pirate attack and get their food back. But things go wrong, and all the teachers are captured! Luckily the children have a plan – and some friendly dolphins are helping as well.

    6,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: It's Lovely When You Smile

    An endearing and heart-warming tale guaranteed to make everyone smile!

    7,45 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: Peppa Goes to LONDON

    Miss Rabbit's friend, the Queen, borrows a double decker bus and takes Peppa and all her friends on a fun tour of the city's sights in this picture book story based on the exciting new episode // Großformatiges Buch mit tollem Einband aus der beliebten Kinderbuch-Serie - Katalog erwünscht ?

    8,45 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: Poppet

    Poppet is a little African elephant. When he is born, his mother warns him against mice because they run up elephants' trunks. Poppet spends some time asking various creatures if they are mice and then, to his horror, one of them says 'Yes'. However, Momo the mouse persuades Poppet that he's been told an old wives' tale and the two become friends. Poppet's mother is horrified but is won over in the end by Momo's eloquence.

    6,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: Spot's Loves his DAD

    'SPOT is one of the essential experiences of childhood' - Parent Magazine.'

    5,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • A: Topsy and Tim visit LONDON

    Die ganze Serie ist ieferbar - Online-Katalog erwünscht ? // "Topsy and Tim at their best! This is so up to date with the London Eye even ! A joy for a young child to read or accompany them on a trip !"

    5,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Best Friends

    Ein PEPPA PIG Buch in Lift-the-Flap Ausgabe // Die ganze Serie ist lieferbar - An einem Katalog interessiert ?

    8,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

  • Caillou Storytime Box

    From joy to wonder, from mishap to delight, Caillou learns about the world around him. This boxed set with plastic handle for easy carrying includes six bestsellers from the series // Ein wundervolles GESCHENK mit gleich 6 Büchern in einer Box

    14,95 EUR (incl. 7% MWSt. zzgl. VERSANDKOSTEN)

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