Meg's Car

Meg's Car
Helen Nicoll
Illustrator - Jan Pieńkowski

Children will love exploring colours, sounds and shapes in the magical MEG AND MOG stories, which are perfect for sharing or reading alone.

Format : Paperback
Size : 203 x 203mm
Publisher : Puffin

A car is all very well if you know how to drive it, but if you're Meg or Mog, in a hurry to go on a picnic, you really are safer on a broomstick.


Kundenmeinungen // Customer Reviews

"An absolute delight to read to children with all the different expressions and sounds. Can be read again and again with simple, easy text that children can learn off by heart and will want to join in as you read it. If you have a child with a short concentration span then this book is a must, they'll want to keep coming back to it again and again."

"This is my daughter's favourite Meg and Mog book. It helps her learn to read through use of rhyming words, onomatopaic words and alliteration. Plus a fun story, that she wants to read again and again.
Meg, Mog and Owl decide they'd like to go for a picnic in a car. As usual Meg's spell goes wrong and they find the car too much trouble: so they take the safer option of flying there on Meg's broomstick. "

"Meg, Mog and Owl had striked the shelves of shops again and have had a huge success with the gang M, M, O also been liked by a lot of children aged between 1-5 and is always enjoyed even if it has been read about 10, 20 times"


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