The Elephant and the Bad Baby

Classic Story Book

The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Raymond Briggs
Elfrida Vipont
Illustrator - Raymond Briggs

Format :
Size : 254 x 203mm
Pages : 32
Publisher : Puffin

3 - 5 + years

One day, an Elephant offers a Bad Baby a ride through the town, and so begins a delicious adventure and a "rumpetting" chase.

But when the Elephant realizes that the Bad Baby has forgotten his manners, the chase ends with a BUMP . . . and tea for everyone!

A classic story all babies, toddlers and their parents will love, warmly and wittily illustrated by Raymond Briggs.


Kundenmeinung // Customer Reviews

"I am a preschool teacher. This is the favorite book among all of the children in my class. One four year old girl in my class was able to retell the story from start to finish by looking at the pictures. It is also my favorite book to read to the children in my class. My nine month old son lights up when I read it to him."


The strong repetitive language and rhythm of the text is great for young children learning to read, or the very young learning to speak and understand that stories in books remain the same. This is a cummulative tale, where the list of characters chasing the elephant grows longer and longer as the book goes on, so it stimulates the memory and allows children to make predictions. It also teaches children a simple structure for stories and ends with a moral. A great book for pre-schoolers, I have been reading this at bedtime to my 10 month old son and we particularly enjoy bouncing up and down to the 'rumpeta, rumpeta's' and usually add in a few extra ones, just for the fun of it."


"Lovely! The book has a different rhythm than other childrens books and the flow feels a bit awkward at first but it's a lovely book that
my 2½ year old loves. Its hard to not be captivated by the Elephant and the Bad baby and the book is a firm favourite. Its slightly longer than his other books but holds his attention very well and the predictability is a real winner. Rumpeta, Rumpeta, Rumpeta, all down the road!"


"A fantastic bedtime read that
my 2 year old loves. Lots of interesting pictures, lovely rhythm to story and a good lesson about manners too, highly recommended."


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