Topsy and Tim - Go to the Doctor

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Storybook Serie

Topsy and Tim: Go to the Doctor
Jean Adamson

Format : Paperback
Size : 203 x 203mm
Pages : 32
Publisher : Ladybird
5 - 8 + years

Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children having first experiences of their own. In Topsy and Tim: Go to the Doctor, Tim wakes up with a sore throat, so Mummy and Dad decide he needs to visit the Doctor. Dr Sims looks in his mouth, listens to his chest and soon knows what's wrong. Tim goes home with a bottle of medicine to make him feel better, but Topsy soon starts to feel worse!

A trusted and well-loved pair who can help guide parents and children through 'first experiences', Topsy and Tim books have been beautifully updated with contemporary artwork. Topsy & Tim remain instantly recognisable to parents while in a fresh style that will appeal to a new generation of fans. These wonderful books deserve a place on every child's bookshelves.


/ Customer Review:

'This is another great Topsy and Tim book that we have enjoyed reading. My daughter aged 5 and my son aged 4 were very interested in the story and both asked lots of questions about sickness and going to the doctor. The book explains in a simplistic way what a trip to the doctor''s involves and how we sometimes are poorly and then get better. My children love reading the Topsy and Tim books as they are often about activities they have just done or will shortly be doing. They both like that there is a boy and a girl in the story.'

Ein Blick in das Buch:

Die Topsy + Tim- Serie ist in England sehr bekannt und wird sicher auch unsere Kinder begeistern.

Überschaubare Texte, die von Illustrationen begleitet werden und sich immer einem bestimmten Thema widmen, bringen uns den Alltag von (englischen) Kindern näher.


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