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Touch and Feel Book


Board book
Size: 160 x 160mm
Pages : 12
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
1 - 5 + years

DK's award-winning Touch and Feel series gets bigger and better

Get ready for bedtime and cosy up with with Touch and Feel Bedtime. Read along together so your child can learn as they play.

It's bedtime! Put on your fleecy dressing gown, brush your teeth with the bumpy toothbrush, and pull up your comfy, cushioned duvet. Let their little hands roam and feel all the different textures as they read about the objects associated with a bedtime routine.

Touch and Feel Bedtime is one of the Touch and Feel chunky padded board books that help encourage your child's early learning and language. Perfect for encouraging tiny fingers to explore and great for sensory development.

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